Next World Localisation Update Complete Unity VR Serious Games

I worked within a team of 8 programmers and designers, building localisation systems and updating old legacy experiences with new features such as our Virtual Trainer E.L.I.O.T.

Some examples of my responsibilities included

  • Critical bug fixing for legacy experiences and systems.
  • Optimising legacy experiences through profiling, scene optimisation and creation of occlusion methods to meet performance targets.
  • Localisation of our Home interface, including creation of the language selection interface, and creation of a key based system to localise error messages.

Galactic Odyssey by Adam Walker Studio Complete Unity

A hyper-casual, endless skill-based game released on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. My roles on the project included creation of the shaders and effects, and all gameplay and interface implementation.

Examples of my contribution

Gameplay Implementation

Throughout development the core gameplay elements were iterated and expanded on to attempt to create the most satisfying experience for the player.

Object Pooling

To ease performance issues, I implemented a generic object pooling system that could then be extended for different types of objects. This was vital in an endless style game where assets need to be reused so slowdown does not occur at high levels.

Easy updating of Game Text Google sheets + JSON

To allow for easy updating and more text-based content in the game I implemented a workflow where designers could easily update the games text by importing Google sheets data as a JSON file.

Parallax Star System

The parallax star background was created using a perspective camera and having static planes as children of the camera at different distances. The faked scrolling of the stars and nebula was achieved by using a simple shader that sampled part of a large texture using the world space UVs for consistent tiled scrolling.

Other Adam Walker Film projects

Parallax interior mapped Card Shader Unity

The goal of this shader was to produce a parallax card shader for a 3D card game to give the illusion of a mini scene within the card. The shader does not use cube maps, rather using one texture sheet with all layers and walls of the interior, which are then mapped to the correct parallax level and distortion. The shader was created this way to allow for more nuanced control on the parallax depth of each interior layer and to allow effects such as horizontal and vertical overscan.

Parallax Card Shader

VR Shipping Container Exhibition Unity VR

A client needed to visualise how a wall to ceiling video experience would look and sound like within a shipping container. My role involved the exact 1 to 1 creation of the shipping container and TV positions within Unity to allow the client to visualise the spatial arrangement of the exhibition using VR.

VR Container interior

Woolworths Tradeshow webapp PBR Setup and Processing 3DsMax Substance Painter Photoshop

I performed a number of roles in preparing and creating assets for use in the ThreeJs powered Woolworths Tradeshow Webapp. These included the following tasks

  • 3D modelling of Woolworths products using 3DsMax.
  • UV unwrapping, texturing and optimising of models in 3DsMax.
  • Creation of normals, metallic-roughness and Ambient Occlusion combined maps using Substance Painter.
  • Optimising of PBR textures using photoshop and Color Quantizer to reduce asset file sizes.
  • Converting FBXs for models and animations to gltf format for use in the ThreeJs web application.

Examples of Woolworths characters assets I prepared and optimised for use in the Woolworths Tradeshow Webapp.

Woolworth Tradeshow app PBR Character Lobster Character PBR

Temporal Scavenger Unity

An idle procedural generated adventure game aimed at mobile devices. This was a final year project created for Myriad Games Studio in collaboration with 5 other students. My Major roles in the project included being the Project Manager, Co-Testing lead and a programmer specifically for the UI components.

Examples of my contribution


As the game was aimed towards mobile platforms and needed a lot of different UI components optimising the UI was an important goal. Through researching how Unity handled updating its UI elements that often changed together were grouped under separate canvas hierarchies. This was done so that when the one element was updated it only updates the other UI items in its sub canvas rather than the entire canvas. For more information on this see this video Unity Optimisation.

Cooldown Bars

Each weapon and armour item has an ability that can be used with a cooldown. I was tasked with creating a cooldown effect. I initially started by attempting to achieve the effect using a shader but realised the gains to performance and ability to customise the effect would not be worth the time to develop so instead used a simple horizontal filled overlay that had its fill amount controlled by the cooldown of the equipped item. Finally, to add indication to the player that the ability was ready again I added a simple animation to play on button.

Cooldown system
Inventory Display System

I was responsible for all the interface logic of swapping items in the inventory, equipping items, and dropping items. This system was a first created with bare bones functionality for initial testing with further iterations made as a result of feedback from user testing or from the client. Iterations included adding things such as the ability to show the stats of the items and the ability to compare items of the same type. This also involved the creation of test scripts to test adding of items to the inventory to test that all items were added to and displayed correctly in the inventory and in the game scene.

Inventory Management System.

Untitled VR Hand Removing Puzzle Game In Development Unity VR

A VR puzzle game in which you can detach your hands to solve puzzles. Currently still in development the game is inspired by similar VR games such as Polyarc’s puzzle-platform Moss as well as non-VR games with Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons being a major source of inspiration.

G-Penguin Complete Unity

Made as part of my first game development unit in my degree G-penguin is a gravity switching platformer largely inspired by the game Gravity Duck by Woblyware Oy and Ratalaika Games.

In my spare time I added mobile controls and ported an android version to my phone.

Mobile Controls for G-Penguin link

Torch Runner Complete Game Jam Godot

I was looking into different technologies for creating games in late 2019 for some smaller personal projects which led me to Godot engine which I was drawn to for its simplicity and ease of which to create rapid prototypes.

After a Month or so of learning Godot I decided the best way to see how I found the full feature set and workflow was to do a Game Jam specifically Godot Wild Jam.

The theme for the jam was second chances so I thought having a platformer where you had the second chance to regain your life through a mini game would be a good fit.

Torcher Runner gameplay link